Fines in Singapore

The table below outlines the current and increased maximum penalties for UA offences. Please refer to the Explanatory Statement at the end of the Air Navigation (Amendment) Bill 2019 for more details about the Bill.List of Increased Maximum Penalties S/N Offence Current Maximum Penalty New Maximum Penalty 1 Operating any aircraft (including UA) without the […]

Passenger Drones are coming!

Uber has confirmed they are ahead of schedule for their flying passenger drones, currently aiming to be ready in 2020 for the World Expo. Ace Aviation are excited for this new major development for drone flights – ordering a flying taxi, awesome! Fancy making a step towards a career in this industry? Ace Aviation offer […]

Drone Pilot Training for the Public Utilities Board in Singapore

Singapore’s Public Utilities Board (PUB) oversees the country’s entire water supply system, which comprises the water catchment systems, drainage systems, waterworks, water reclamation plants and sewage systems. Such systems have been sought and managed in conventional ways this far, and Singapore PUB is committed to change how inspections and management of these assets are performed, […]

Ace Aviation First Ever Webinar

Our first ever webinar was held on Friday 31st August and was a huge success. The aim of the Webinar was “How to make the best use of RPAS Technology”, talking about the autonomy of the drone industry , safety and RPAS Tech In The Surveying Workflow. We’d like to thank all those that attended the […]

Drones in Surveying and Spatial Science Projects

The use of drones is becoming more prevalent in the construction, spatial science and surveying industries. However, how many of us don’t really know their full capability and how you can get the most out of this technology. Ace Aviation recently presented a webinar in partnership with Qld Spatial and Surveying Association (QSSA) in order […]